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World Travel Awards - voting's open

Voting has opened for the the World Travel Awards 2011. Why not register and have your say?

With hardly any changes to the nominees for Europe’s Leading Airline indicating that, at the least all airlines have not only maintained altitude, but also standards; reigning champions, KLM will not have an easy landing on the title.  Germany and Spain have two nominees taxiing to the top of the Leading Airport in Europe.  Here are the nominees for the World Travel Awards, give them an extra wing by voting for them:

Europe's Leading Airline

Europe's Leading Airline Business Class

Europe's Leading Airport

Europe's Leading Airport Hotel

Europe's Leading All-inclusive Resort

Europe's Leading Beach Destination

Europe's Leading Boutique Hotel

Europe's Leading Boutique Resort

Europe's Leading Business Car Rental Company

Europe's Leading Business Hotel

Europe's Leading Car Hire

Europe's Leading Casino Resort

Europe's Leading Charter Airline

Europe's Leading City Break Destination

Europe's Leading City Hotel

Europe's Leading Couples Resort

Europe's Leading Cruise Destination

Europe's Leading Cruise Line

Europe's Leading Cruise Port

Europe's Leading Design Hotel

Europe's Leading Destination

Europe's Leading Family Resort

Europe's Leading Golf Resort

Europe's Leading Green Hotel

Europe's Leading Green Resort

Europe's Leading Hotel

Europe's Leading Hotel Brand

Europe's Leading Island Resort

Europe's Leading Long Sea Ferry Operator

Europe's Leading Low-Cost Airline

Europe's Leading Luxury Hotel

Europe's Leading Luxury Hotel Brand

Europe's Leading Luxury Lifestyle Club

Europe's Leading Luxury Resort

Europe's Leading Luxury Train

Europe's Leading Marketing Campaign

Europe's Leading Meetings & Conference Centre

Europe's Leading Meetings & Conference Hotel

Europe's Leading Meetings & Conference Resort

Europe's Leading New Hotel

Europe's Leading Resort

Europe's Leading River Cruise Company

Europe's Leading Short Sea Ferry Operator

Europe's Leading Ski Resort

Europe's Leading Spa Resort

Europe's Leading Tour Operator

Europe's Leading Tourism Development Company

Europe's Leading Tourist Board

Europe's Leading Travel Agency

Europe's Leading Travel Management Company

Europe's Responsible Tourism Award

Albania's Leading Hotel

Andorra's Leading Hotel

Armenia's Leading Hotel

Austria's Leading Hotel

Austria's Leading Resort

Austria's Leading Spa Resort

Azerbaijan's Leading Hotel

Belarus' Leading Hotel

Belgium's Leading Business Hotel

Belgium's Leading Hotel

Bosnia and Herzegovina's Leading Hotel

Bulgaria's Leading Hotel

Bulgaria's Leading Resort

Bulgaria's Leading Spa Resort

Croatia's Leading Boutique Hotel

Croatia's Leading Spa Resort

Cyprus' Leading All-inclusive Resort

Cyprus' Leading Hotel

Cyprus' Leading Resort

Czech Republic's Leading Boutique Hotel

Czech Republic's Leading Business Hotel

Czech Republic's Leading Hotel

Czech Republic's Leading Spa Resort

Denmark's Leading Boutique Hotel

Denmark's Leading Business Hotel

Denmark's Leading Hotel

England's Leading Boutique Hotel

England's Leading Business Hotel

England's Leading Conference Hotel

England's Leading Golf Resort

England's Leading Hotel

England's Leading Resort

England's Leading Spa Resort

Estonia's Leading Hotel

Finland's Leading Hotel

France's Leading Boutique Hotel

France's Leading Business Hotel

France's Leading Conference Hotel

France's Leading Golf Resort

France's Leading Hotel

France's Leading Resort

France's Leading Ski Resort

France's Leading Spa Resort

Georgia's Leading Hotel

Germany's Leading Boutique Hotel

Germany's Leading Business Hotel

Germany's Leading Conference Hotel

Germany's Leading Golf Resort

Germany's Leading Hotel

Germany's Leading Resort

Germany's Leading Spa Resort

Gibraltar's Leading Hotel

Greece's Leading All-inclusive Resort

Greece's Leading Boutique Hotel

Greece's Leading Business Hotel

Greece's Leading Conference Hotel

Greece's Leading Family Resort

Greece's Leading Hotel

Greece's Leading Resort

Greece's Leading Spa Resort

Guernsey's Leading Hotel

Hungary's Leading Business Hotel

Hungary's Leading Hotel

Hungary's Leading Resort

Iceland's Leading Boutique Hotel

Iceland's Leading Hotel

Ireland's Leading Boutique Hotel

Ireland's Leading Business Hotel

Ireland's Leading Golf Resort

Ireland's Leading Hotel

Ireland's Leading Spa Resort

Isle of Man's Leading Hotel

Israel's Leading Business Hotel

Israel's Leading Hotel

Israel's Leading Spa Resort

Italy's Leading Boutique Hotel

Italy's Leading Business Hotel

Italy's Leading Conference Hotel

Italy's Leading Golf Resort

Italy's Leading Hotel

Italy's Leading Resort

Italy's Leading Ski Resort

Italy's Leading Spa Resort

Jersey's Leading Hotel

Jersey's Leading Spa Hotel

Latvia's Leading Hotel

Latvia's Leading Hotel

Lithuania's Leading Hotel

Luxembourg's Leading Hotel

Malta's Leading Hotel

Malta's Leading Spa Resort

Mediterranean's Leading Beach Resort

Mediterranean's Leading Boutique Hotel

Mediterranean's Leading Family Resort

Mediterranean's Leading Hotel

Mediterranean's Leading Resort

Mediterranean's Leading Spa Resort

Monaco's Leading Hotel

Monaco's Leading Resort

Montenegro's Leading Hotel

Netherlands' Leading Business Hotel

Netherlands' Leading Hotel

Netherlands' Leading Spa Resort

Northern Ireland's Leading Business Hotel

Northern Ireland's Leading Golf Resort

Northern Ireland's Leading Hotel

Northern Ireland's Leading Business Hotel

Northern Ireland's Leading Golf Resort

Norway's Leading Business Hotel

Norway's Leading Hotel

Norway's Leading Ski Resort

Norway's Leading Spa Resort

Poland's Leading Business Hotel

Poland's Leading Hotel

Portugal's Leading Boutique Hotel

Portugal's Leading Conference Hotel

Portugal's Leading Family Resort

Portugal's Leading Golf Resort

Portugal's Leading Hotel

Portugal's Leading Resort

Portugal's Leading Spa Resort

Romania's Leading Hotel

Russia's Leading Boutique Hotel

Russia's Leading Business Hotel

Russia's Leading Conference Hotel

Russia's Leading Hotel

Russia's Leading Luxury Hotel

San Marino's Leading Hotel

Scotland's Leading Business Hotel

Scotland's Leading Golf Resort

Scotland's Leading Hotel

Scotland's Leading Resort

Scotland's Leading Spa Resort

Serbia's Leading Hotel

Slovakia's Leading Hotel

Slovenia's Leading Hotel

Slovenia's Leading Spa Resort

Spain's Leading Boutique Hotel

Spain's Leading Business Hotel

Spain's Leading Golf Resort

Spain's Leading Hotel

Spain's Leading Resort

Spain's Leading Spa Resort

Sweden's Leading Boutique Hotel

Sweden's Leading Business Hotel

Sweden's Leading Hotel

Sweden's Leading Spa Resort

Switzerland's Leading Boutique Hotel

Switzerland's Leading Business Hotel

Switzerland's Leading Hotel

Switzerland's Leading Ski Resort

Switzerland's Leading Spa Resort

Turkey's Leading All-inclusive Resort

Turkey's Leading Beach Resort

Turkey's Leading Boutique Hotel

Turkey's Leading Business Hotel

Turkey's Leading Conference Hotel

Turkey's Leading Design Hotel

Turkey's Leading Family Resort

Turkey's Leading Golf Resort

Turkey's Leading Hotel

Turkey's Leading Resort

Turkey's Leading Spa Resort

Ukraine's Leading Business Hotel

Ukraine's Leading Hotel

Wales' Leading Golf Resort

Wales' Leading Hotel

Wales' Leading Spa Resort


Manchester to Australia

Manchester to Belgium

Manchester to Bulgeria

Manchester to Canada

Manchester to Canary Island

Manchester to China

Manchester to Croatia

Manchester to Cuba

Manchester to Denmark

Manchester to Egypt

Manchester to Finland

Manchester to France

Manchester to Germany

Manchester to Greece

Manchester to Hawaii

Manchester to Iceland

Manchester to Italy

Manchester to Ireland

Manchester to Japan

Manchester to Jersey

Mumbai to Kenya

Manchester to Mexico

Manchester to Morocco

Manchester to New Zealand

Manchester to Nigeria

Manchester to Pakistan

Manchester to Philippines

Manchester to Rwanda

Manchester to Serbia

Manchester to Sierra Leone

Manchester to South Africa

Manchester to Spain

Manchester to Sweden

Manchester to Taiwan

Manchester to Thailand

Manchester to Turkey

Manchester to UAE

Manchester to Unites States

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