Manchester is a bustling city known for its lively sporting culture. It is for this same reason why the city is a common spot for travel. Thousands of people, locals and foreigners alike fill the city each year all for the sake of experiencing the thrills of football matches and other sporting events.

The City of Manchester Stadium or Sportscity, as it is famously known is one of the biggest sporting venues where several sporting events including football, are held each year. The stadium was then adopted as the home of the city’s football club.

Another sporting venue is the Manchester Velodrome. It is an internationally known sports facility where most track cycling events take place each year. The center was developed through the joint efforts of the English Sports Council of Manchester City and the British Cycling Federation.

Other sporting facilities or venues like the regional athletics track are also located in this area. The residents here are blessed to be conveniently living in an excitement filled area. Being one would guarantee you to a comfortable seat on match days. For most sports enthusiasts who don’t live in this city, however staying in nearby hotels is a common convenient choice.

Like it or not, the name David Beckham would always be associated with Manchester. Manchester is much greater than Beckham, however. The capital of the north of England, Manchester is the second best place in the United Kingdom – after London – to do business in. It is also one of the most frequently visited. It has two premiere football teams, the legendary Manchester United and the not so legendary Manchester City. With its relatively damp climate, a good strong roof over one’s head is a must. The Hotel Manchester Renaissance offers just that.

Good Hotel Feature #1: An Escape Route

The Hotel Manchester Renaissance is located on Deansgate, right at the heart of Manchester’s city center, which is notably as stylish as Beckham himself. It’s just a hop and a skip away from the Victoria Station. So, if you ever get tired of all the football talk, you can always jump on a train and head to another British city that is not as football crazy as Manchester. Good luck finding one, though.

Good Hotel Feature #2: A Link to the World through Cyberspace

Whatever your function needs are, the Hotel Manchester Renaissance rises to the occasion — from weddings to dinner parties to conferences. Conference rooms are not only spacious; they also offer high-speed Internet connection, allowing executives to pretend to work with relative ease and comfort. WIFI Internet access is also available in the Hotel Manchester Renaissance’s elegant lounge so executives can pretend to work there, too, while discreetly observing the local women. They can even feign work in the comfort of their own bedrooms, as each room is provided with Internet connection and an interactive television.

Good Hotel Feature #3: The Comforts of Home with a Slightly Larger Price Tag

All guest rooms of the Hotel Manchester Renaissance are individually climate-controlled, a welcome respite after being caught outside in one of those Manchester drizzles. Of course, the bathroom is in the suite. Hair dryers and flat irons are available in each room. The Hotel Manchester Renaissance even goes the extra mile – you are provided with your ironing board. No more gargantuan hotel ironing bills and no more burning bed sheets! Hotel Manchester Renaissance guest rooms are also bigger than most hotel rooms by a cool 20 to 30 percent! All rooms offer spectacular views of Manchester City, even if it’s just the building next door.

Good Hotel Feature #4: Good Food, Even Better Bar Patrons

Manchester has a score of fine restaurants and bars scattered all over the city, and one of them is just a ride on the lift away from your guest room at the Hotel Manchester Renaissance. Robbie’s Restaurant and Bar serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The bar is a favorite haunt of the creme de la crčme of Manchester. If you’re lucky, you might even end up having a drink with a chap from Manchester United or at least Manchester City. For the football novice, have a drink with Robbie himself. That is, if he actually exists. If he doesn’t, you can always have one with the bartender.

The Hotel Manchester Renaissance might be everything that Manchester is and more. But even with all the creature comforts that the Hotel Manchester Renaissance offers, there’s no better way to experience Manchester than to actually explore Manchester. So, grab an umbrella or a good raincoat and go watch a football game!

Manchester boasts of quality and affordable hotels. These hotels are perfectly situated near the above mentioned sporting venues, making them an ideal place for people to stay in during the events. There is no reason for you to miss any sporting events in the city of Manchester with all these hotels around. Take your pick now and enjoy all the fun and games this city has to offer.

The Travelodge Sportscity is one of these hotels.

The Travelodge is only 1.5 miles from Sportscity. You don’t have to worry about being late for any scheduled game or football matches of your favorite team.

Express by Holiday Inn is a modern hotel

Express by Holiday Inn is a modern hotel located about 3 miles from the city of Manchester and a mile off the M60 and M67. Express offers facilities and services that are relatively affordable and satisfying. A newly opened fitness club is located next to it.

Holiday Inn Manchester Central Park is a 4 star hotel

Holiday Inn Manchester Central Park is located near the City of Manchester Stadium. It offers a wide range of hotel facilities including 83 well appointed rooms, all of them spacious and air-conditioned.

Lastly, is the Citi Place Hotel

A cozy hotel located just minutes away from Sportscity. It offers rooms that have a free wireless internet access, digital televisions and shared bathrooms.
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